The Lion King Tickets

Lyceum Theatre Seating plan

With an astounding occupancy of 2100, the Lyceum Theatre is one of London’s largest which is spread across three levels. Stall section is one which is closest to the stage and from where you can enjoy best views of the stage. Especially for a show like The Lion King, Stall section is preferable as actors and puppets parade through the aisles on this level. Here the viewers actually feel a real part of the action.

Seats in stalls are bit expensive as compare to other seats in the theatre. Seats towards the middle of the section are highly recommended, as form here you can enjoy best views of the stage. The section is mainly categorised into three by aisles running the length of the auditorium. The section is quite wide and deep, with further division in the House Right and House Left blocks.

The second tier of the theatre is Royal Circle offering some brilliant views of the stage. When the show becomes interactive, you may feel bit away from the action. Ticket prices are generally cheaper reflecting the higher location of the seats. The section is categorised into three sections offering wonderful views as they are heavily raked.

The highest level is the Dress Circle and you would be significantly further away from the main action. You can enjoy some great bargains on tickets in this section. If they are running offers then you will enjoy great bargains in tickets. It is again split into three blocks. They are straighter and offer consistent views.