The Lion King Tickets

The Lion King

Experience the mesmerizing Disney’s all time favorite London classic The Lion King at the magnificent Lyceum Theatre London! The most popular film of Disney has already wooed people from all across the world. The brilliant adaptation of this hugely successful saga is a complete delight for the theatre lovers. The heart touching show is finely decorated with magnificent staging and vibrant costumes. To make the magic of The Lion King simply inescapable, you can also check the brilliant puppetry and masks.

The wonderful London classic The Lion King is a lovely saga of a young cub, Simba. The protagonist instantly clicks with the audience and people of all age groups. The show is set against the majestic Serengeti Plains with a brilliantly accompanied score which beautifully reflects the rhythms and themes of Africa.

The multi award winning show The Lion King is also a complete audio visual treat for the music lovers, as it is beautifully accompanied with superb choreography. Sterling performances by lead actors make the show a complete treat for the theatre goers. Brilliant and excellently created costumes simply enhance the appeal of the London show.

The much loved Disney’s classic The Lion King is the heart touching saga of young cub Simba and his fight against his evil Uncle Scar to reclaim his kingdom. The adventurous London saga is a complete delight for the London theatre lovers. Come and get yourself mesmerized at the enthralling London show The Lion King with your dear ones!

The award winning show is ruling Lyceum Theatre London since 1999 and there is no indication of going out from Theatre. The colorful yellow posters symbolize the vibrant and jovial spirit of this immensely loved saga. Enjoyable show The Lion King is a melodic humor in English language and with running time for 2 hours 30 minutes. The show is completely refreshing experience for the theatre viewers. The Lion King is certainly one of the must watch London shows during your London tour!